Nafshi Takshiv Shiro

The songs of Rav Kook - those he sang, and from his poetry
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Nafshi Takshiv Shiro

My Heart Shall Hear His Song


Seventy-five years have passed since the departure of our teacher Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook.  It would seem that the farther we are from his physical presence and his actions, the breadth, the imagination, and the vision of this great personality are revealed to us more and more.


His thoughts, his ideas, and his writings are learned with great majesty and with great spirit.  Even his poetry appears in his writings.  The ancient words give strength and healing and truly help to build a more beautiful world.  And yet, there is not a single beit midrash that is not developing new ideas and interpretations…


“Nafshi takshiv shiro” – my soul will listen to His song – this expression is taken from one of the Rav’s poems, in which he describes how his soul desires to listen to the song of “HaRishon l’kol notzar,” That Which preceded every creation.


In this album we wish to listen to songs of Rav Kook – poems he wrote and songs he sang – with various melodies which have been composed over the generations, various melodies that bring meaning and increased vigor to “ancient words”…



The Yashlatz Choir:

Achiya Chevroni, Gershon Ekstein, Avia Greenberg, Akiva Mish’an,  Amikam Nachashutan, Refael TaShma, Yehudah Aryeh Yemini


Boys from the Morasha School:

Moshe Eliyahu Greenspan, Netanel Shendorfi, Levi Wieder, Tuvia Zukerman


With visiting soloist:

Rav David Rafael Ben Ami


Musical accompaniment:

Eran Klein: musical arrangement and production

Dani Magad: bass, guitar, and bazuki

Yehudah Aryeh Yemini: flute

Reuven ben Chanan: violin

Asaf Zamir: percussion

Eran Klein: keyboards, accordion



The songs of Nafshi Takshiv Shiro:

Nafshi Takshiv Shiro


Yishaluni Ra’ayonai

Suvu Tzion


Mi Ben Lagoy

Yismach Libi

V’Dor Yakum V’Chai

Shir HaEmunah

HaTzadikim HaTehorim


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