Noam Haneshamot

Shabbat songs and yearnings of Redemption, in memory of the Eight Kedoshim
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Noam HaNeshamot

Shabbat songs and yearnings of Redemption—

In memory of the Eight Kedoshim.


Several years have passed since the departure of the Eight Kedoshim to the concealment of the heavens, in the terrible tragedy which took place in the yeshivah library on the night of Rosh Chodesh Adar, March 6, 2008.


Like letters that fly in the air above burning parchment, their souls rose in a storm to Heaven, with holy books in their hands.


Their absence among us created a deep need for replenishing our vitality with new vigor.  Therefore, the great lack and the great longing developed inside of us a desire for creativity which comes from deep within our souls which are connected to their holy souls: from that, burst forth a song that is vital and expresses this hidden connection.


This album was created out of this profound song…


A Sabbath of rest is a taste of the world to come—

M’ayn Olam haBa, Yom Shabbat minuchah.


Shabbat is a twinkling of the world to come in our world, the light of the “Great Hall” is visible from the corridor.


Shabbat’s beauty transforms a world of worry and sadness into a world that is calm and complete.


On Shabbat, we try to enjoy the treats of this world, along with experiencing the pleasantness of the soul, and the Eden of the spirits.


A hint of this occurs in the verse, “And on the Seventh Day it will be Holy unto you.” On the Seventh Day, even that which is “unto you”—the physical eating and drinking—will become holy.


The Yashlatz Choir:

Hillel Amir, Shlomo Bar-Or, Neria Bloch, Achiya Chevroni, Yoni Dimantman, Gershon Ekstein, Yeir Ende, Avia Greenberg, Elad Kapach, Shlomo Kavas, Yehudah Mentel, Akiva Mish’an, Yehudah Yemini


With soloists:

Rosh HaYeshivah Rav Yerachmiel Weiss

Rav Yosef Tzvi Breyer

Aharon Breyer

Avi Rada

Golan Wach

Amikam Nechushtan


Musical accompaniment:

Eran Klein: musical arrangement and production

Dani Magad: bass, guitar, and bazuki

Yehudah Yemini: flute, violin

Neria Shachar: trumpet

Asaf Zamir: percussion

Eran Klein: keyboards, accordion, melodica


The songs of Noam HaNeshemot:

Yafeh Nof (Segev's song)

Midat HaRachamim

Lecha Dodi

Shalom Aleichem

Yah Echsof

Asader L’Seudata

El Mistater

Retzeh Hashem

HaEtz (lyrics by Yonadav Hirshfeld, Hy"d)

HaTzadikim HaTehorim


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